NatureView Cam & Simon King

Bushnell Ambassador Simon King has produced an easy to follow ‘How to set up a NatureView Cam HD Max tutorial.

This excellent 8 minute video will guide you through the operation of a Bushnell NatureView HD trail camera.

Bushnell & Wildlife Kate

Kate MacRae is one of the UK's most passionate naturalists, as well as a teacher, educational consultant and photographer. Known as WildlifeKate, her website delivers live feeds from her ‘patch' to fellow enthusiasts around the world and her work in schools nurtures a love for nature in the next generation. Bushnell products are used extensively in Kate's work, particularly Trail Cams and we are proud to have such a tireless ambassador.

Bear Grylls & Bushnell

Bear Grylls and Bushnell - The two toughest names in outdoors. He's one of the world's foremost survival experts. A man who has endured, even thrived, in the most unforgiving environments on the planet. He is Bear Grylls. And this year, we are proud to welcome him into the Bushnell fold with our specialized Bear Grylls edition products of Binoculars, Monocular, BackTrack G2, D-Tour, and Bear Grylls Solar WrapMini.

Discover the Bear Grylls & Bushnell line of products

Bushnell & Simon King

Simon King is one of the world's leading naturalists and a champion of Bushnell trail cameras since their conception. A natural history authority, Simon is also a talented photographer and filmmaker with a career directing and producing wildlife programmes spanning more than 30 years. His award-winning TV programmes and films include Springwatch, Big Cat Diary, Planet Earth, Blue Planet and African Cats for Disney. Bushnell proudly welcomes Simon King as ambassador for Trail Cams, with a shared passion for revealing the wonders of nature, in glorious HD. Together we will capture astonishing moments.

New NatureView Binoculars

The most rare and remarkable species are also those most specifically adapted to their environment. Conversely, to see them all, you and your optics have to be remarkably versatile. Our new Natureview® binoculars thrive in virtually any setting – offering bright, crisp views of your quarry near and far.

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